Episode #63 - All by your lonesome this Family Day?

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Lonely and on the verge of a major hissy fit, I retreat homeward this past holiday for some deep rest and meditation. I talk about Family Day, turning the corner when learning and the beginning of Our Righteous Mic’s weekly run of shows in Toronto. Happy Black History Month!

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Thank You!

Episode #60 - The Acting Class

Face down on the casting couch everyone, it’s time for your Acting Lesson! After sweating it out in a brand new acting class, I take pause to reflect on my years with this beautiful craft. I talk about Good Acting vs Bad Acting, The Meisner technique and an actor’s ego.

Thursday January 31rst 2019, "Our Righteous Mic" rocks Toronto for the first time, check us out below!


Episode #52 - The One Year Anniversary Special!


JRtheP turns 1 year old! I celebrate by dishing up “Johnny Ramsac…if that’s the way you want it!” an original audio detective dramedy, about the lust soaked pressures of money and stature in the age of new media. During the second part of the show, I talk about one year of podcasting, 15+ years of performing, gratitude and how time is on our side. ~Thank You!~